Date: 07 February 2023

‘You were born to win. But, to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win’

‘Work Smarter, Not Harder’, this term generally means using your thinking skills to minimise tasks by prioritising high value tasks, so that you use your time wisely and more effectively to get things done quickly and efficiently. Examinations are challenging times for students, demanding discipline and commitment.

In a bid to help fellow students organise their time and energy constructively, so as to eliminate stress and enhance self-confidence, the students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX put forth assemblies in their classrooms on the topic ‘Getting Exam Ready’. The events started with prayers to the Divine. A motivational ‘Thought for the Day’ helped inspire and give encouragement to the students. Headlines on topics of national and international importance were shared as News. Suggestions on how to get ready for exams were shared in talk shows. The students spoke about; organising study time and space, having a realistic revision schedule, using notes effectively, self care during exam time, using technology and tips on how to attempt a paper.

The assemblies were educative and inspiring.



Classes- VI, VII, VIII & IX
Tuesday, 31 January 2023

‘Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.’

One of the most important aspirations of humans is general wellbeing. We all want to be in good health; physically, physiologically and in our minds. We can be as physically fit as possible, but without our mental well-being, we can’t attain true wellness. To ensure physical and mental well-being, we must exercise, take time out to relax, and be able to strike a healthy balance in every aspect of our lives.

To bring this truth home to one and all, the students of Classes VI, VII, VIII and IX presented assemblies in their classrooms. The assemblies started with an invocation to the Divine. Thoughts highlighting the importance of Exercise for mental health were shared. Events from far and near were shared in the News. Talk shows delineating the link between exercise and mental health took place next. Through the talk shows the students encased  how ‘Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.’ 

The assemblies were immaculately planned and presented. The scripts were effective and interesting. 



Wednesday, 25 January 2023

‘The taste of freedom is sweet when the right ingredients are put together - freedom of expression, strength in our convictions and pride in our heritage.’

On 25 January 2023 the staff and students of Delhi Public School, Dwarka came together to commemorate the 74th anniversary of the adoption of the Indian constitution.

The Indian Constitution, which took effect on 26 January 1950, is evidence of the democratic, balanced, and egalitarian principles that have governed our country. On this proud day India became a sovereign, secular, socialist, and democratic republic.

The assembly commenced with a prayer in Hindi by respected Principal ma’am. The school choir took centre-stage next. The strains of a patriotic song filled the auditorium. This was followed by ‘A Thought for the Day’. A shloka in Sanskrit extolled the virtue of love and loyalty for one’s country. A patriotic poem was recited with appropriate sentiment and intonation. A Talk show educated the students about the significance and history of the Indian Constitution. The National Anthem brought the assembly to a fitting conclusion.

The fragrance of pride in one’s freedom, and an aura of the spirit of oneness permeated the proceedings. One maxim bound all present- One nation, one vision, one identity. 



Class Assembly
Classes: VI-IX
27 December 2022


2022 is on the retreat, it trudges on to its closure leaving behind a trail of memories and life lessons. 2022 has been a remarkable year with the world emerging from its Covid 19 pandemic imposed hibernation. Students celebrated as schools shifted decidedly from the online to the offline mode.

Assemblies bidding adieu to the year seeking retirement were put up in classrooms by the students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX. They began the assemblies with prayers, then presented the Thought for the Day. Events and occurrences, global and national, were shared next.  Speeches and talk shows sprinkled with nostalgia and reminiscences were a fitting salute to the year 2022- a year that is to be a hinge point of history.



20 December 2022

'The G 20 bears the responsibility to chart the course for the world economy and global governance at a crucial time, as well as to inject confidence into the market and bring hope to the people.'

India assumed the G20 Presidency from 1st December 2022 from Indonesia and will convene the G20 Leader's Summit in 2023. With its deep commitment to multilateralism, India's G20 Presidency seeks to play an important role by finding pragmatic global solutions for the well being of all.

With the aim to sensitise the students to the significance of the objectives of G20, special assemblies were organised by the students. The students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX organised the assemblies in their classrooms. After the prayer, the Thought for the Day and the news, the students spoke on the origin and the aims and objectives of G20. A power point presentation was played on the digiboards. The presentation interested and engrossed the students.

The students found the events informative, educative and interesting.



Classes- VI, VII, VIII, IX
06 December ‘22

‘Chill December brings the sleet, Blazing fire, and Joyous treat.’

December comes from the Latin word decem, meaning ‘ten’. It was originally the tenth month of the Roman calendar. December originally consisted of 30 days, which were shortened to 29 days. Two more days were added to the month much later by Julius Caesar. December is scorchingly hot for those living in the Southern Hemisphere. ‘The International Mountain Day’ is celebrated in December.

These and many more interesting facts about the month of December were shared by the students in the class assemblies presented by them on 6th December ‘22 in their respective classrooms. The initiative was taken by the students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX.

Hymns to honour the Divine initiated the assemblies. The Thought for the Day accorded a motivating quote for the students to think over and imbibe. ‘It seems like everything sleeps in December, but it’s really a time of renewal and reflection.’ Speeches on all that makes this first month of Winter and last month of the year worthy of celebration vitalized the events. Talk shows discussed some little known facts about December.

The presentations were well planned, effectively scripted and relevant.



Classes- VI, VII, VIII & IX
29 November 2022

'There is a difference between discovery and invention. A discovery brings to light what existed before, but what was not known; an invention is the contrivance of something that did not exist before.'

Everything around us is a grand discovery. The wide variety of inventions and discoveries initiated by mankind has led to the development of the civilizations of each age, stimulated economic growth, raised standards of living and has had a tremendous impact on thought and human activity.

Using the technology and the devices at their disposal, the students of classes VI, VII, VIII & IX put up assemblies on the topic 'Discoveries and Inventions'. The assemblies were presented in their classrooms.  The prayer and the Thought for the Day gave a positive note to the day. Short speeches addressed the profound impact of discoveries and inventions on humanity's activities. Talk shows showcased some important inventions and discoveries that have facilitated human life.
The powerpoints used were informative and educative.



Classes- VI, VII, VIII & IX
22 November 2022

‘Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.’

Scrunching golden leaves, floating layers of mist, musty scents of damp earth, all proclaim the arrival of autumn. Nature paints itself into an inspiring work of art. Leaves fall from their lofty perches and embroider the ground into a colourful quilt. Fall is a time of 'change'.

The students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX enthusiastically put together assemblies to toast the essence of Autumn. The assemblies were conducted in their respective classrooms. Prayers and Thoughts for the Day set the momentum for the events. News snippets were interesting and informative. In short speeches the students captured the fiesta and change wrought in nature by Autumn. Talk shows reflected on the transition taking place around, the pleasant weather, the migration of birds,the festivities, the invitation to Winter, to name a few.

The assemblies were enriching, and showcased the zeal and interest of the participants adequately


Class Assembly
Classes- VI, VII, VIII, IX
15 November 2022

‘The potential possibilities of any child are the most intriguing and stimulating in all creation.’

Children are the greatest gift to humanity. They are positive agents of change, and play a constructive role in the process of building unity and economic stability in any country. They are a ‘nation’s future and tomorrow's hope.’

The students of Classes VI, VII, VIII and IX, put up assemblies on the topic ‘Children are the World’s Most Valuable Resource’ in their classrooms. The assemblies started with prayers, followed by the ‘Thought for the Day’, encapsulating wisdom in a few lines. Events of national and international concern vied for attention next. Students proudly presented their vision of creating a beautiful world in short speeches. Talk shows were presented next, highlighting the role of children in making the world a safer, fairer and better place.

The assemblies were interesting and illuminating with terse scripts and creative presentations.



Classes: VI, VII, VII, IX
01 November 2022

‘We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.’

Equality for all and in all walks of life’ was the inspiration of the class assemblies planned and presented by the students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX in their respective classrooms. The assemblies upheld the importance of equality as not just a human right, but also as the necessary foundation for a peaceful and sustainable world. The students packed their presentations with quotes of wisdom, self composed poems, speeches and talk shows.

As always, the assemblies started with the rendition of a prayer. The ‘Thought for the Day’ reiterated the essence of the theme. The news updated all on the national and international events. Through self composed poems and speeches, the students strove to construe the relation between equality and the progress of the human race as a whole. The finale of the events were the talk shows wherein the students spoke in detail about the various forms of equality, and its indispensability for creating a just and happy future for the world.

The assemblies were carried out effectively and efficiently.



Classes: VI, VII, VII, IX
18 October 2022

‘Festivals promote diversity, increase creativity, offer opportunities for civic pride, and improve our general psychological well-being.’

Festivals bring people together and create a sense of belonging in the community. They also provide opportunities for participation, skills development, social, cultural, economic and environmental developments. Celebrating festivals enhances faith, love and brotherhood between people.

Assemblies detailing the significance of celebrating festivals were presented in all sections of Classes VI, VII, VIII and IX. The students planned the assemblies meticulously, paying attention to the content to be presented as well as the presentation itself. All festive occasions begin with prayers. So did the assemblies. After expressing their gratitude to the Almighty, the students said the ‘Thought for the Day’. These nuggets of wisdom corresponded with the theme of the assemblies. News from around the world is an essential part of all assemblies and was read out. Short speeches put forth the value of celebration and festivity in all lives. Talk shows followed, wherein the students discussed the joy and pleasure in celebrating festivals with friends and family, the traditions involved and the lessons learned en voyage.

Enthusiasm and energy marked the events. A spirit of festivity and cheerfulness suffused all presentations.



Class Assembly
Classes: VI, VII, VIII, IX

11 October 2022

‘The only way to a better place is through our smiles,
 A single smile from everyone is enough to end all strife.
 Smile is the language we all comprehend,
 And when we smile we all stand as one.’

Assemblies on the topic ‘The Power of a Smile’ were conducted by the students of Classes VI, VII, VIII and IX in their classrooms. The assemblies sought to highlight the importance and significance of a happy countenance. Prayers to the Almighty at the beginning gave a positive tone to the meetings. Quotes highlighting the theme reinforced the importance of a cheerful demeanor. Through ‘News’ the students were updated and informed on the International and National scenario. Students expressed themselves through speeches and talk shows, sharing their thoughts on the power of a smile and the magic it can create.

The assemblies were well prepared, well scripted and well coordinated.


Classes- VI, VII, VIII, IX

Date- 27 September 2022
Topic- Is Non- Violence relevant in the world scenario today?

'At the centre of non- violence stands the principle of love.'

The students of grades VI, VII, VIII and IX presented class assemblies on the topic 'Is non- violence relevant in the world scenario today?'  The students worked in groups to organize and host well planned and meticulous assemblies.

All assemblies began with prayers, followed by a 'Thought for the Day'. Short stories on the topic were narrated and piqued the interest of the students, poems on the topic were recited and appreciated by them. Thenceforth, came the talk shows which provided insight on the value of non-violence in the modern age.

The students worked hard to put together the assemblies. The scripts did credit to the events and were supplemented by commendable performances.



30 August 2022

"For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

To live as a free citizen in a free country is a blessing which cannot be taken for granted. The tree of Freedom needs to be guarded  and nurtured carefully and responsibly for it to keep bearing sweet fruit.

An assembly encapsulating the topic was presented by the students of Classes VI, VII, VIII and IX in their classrooms.  The assemblies began with prayers. Inspiring quotes provided a 'Thought for the Day' to ponder on, and to learn from. News from near and far followed. Poems and speeches on the topic lent grace to the assemblies. Talk Shows illuminated, involved and sensitised the students to the value of freedom.

The assemblies were planned and executed with care and precision.



23 August 2022

‘Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success’

The snow- clad mountains of Kashmir, the backwaters of Kerala, the beaches of Goa, the sands of Rajasthan, a plethora of languages, changing climates, varied cultures, different communities- are all a symbol of the diversity one finds in India. Yet, these all co-exist in deep-rooted respect for each other, influencing one another and progressing together. India is the best model for unity in diversity.

Students of classes VI to IX presented assemblies in their classrooms. A panorama of activities, different in nature yet unified in spirit, brought to life the topic for the day’s assembly – Unity in Diversity.

Prayers, differing in words & intonation, held forth the same devotion to our creator. ‘A Thought for the Day’ in every classroom provided intellectual nourishment. News, brought the happenings of the world to the classroom. Poems and speeches on the topic enlightened the minds and brightened the hearts of the students. Talk shows acted as a jewel in the crown and discussed the rich diversity of our country, at the same time pointing out how a spirit of unity was necessary for peaceful co-existence.

Effective organisation & polished presentation were the hallmarks of the assemblies.



16 August 2022

“A national spirit is necessary for national existence. A flag is a material aid to the development of such a spirit.” Mahatma Gandhi.

The Tricolour connects us and inspires us to do something for our country. It is a symbol of pride and honour for every Indian. Every colour in the Tricolour signifies a value. Saffron represents courage and sacrifice, white represents truth and peace, Green represents prosperity and growth. The Ashoka Chakra represents the Laws of Dharma.

On 16 August 2022, the students of all sections of classes VI to IX organised assemblies in their classrooms to pay homage to the flag that binds all Indians as one. Prayers spell propitious beginnings. The assemblies began with prayers, which were followed by an inspirational ‘Thought for the Day’. The students recited poems praising the national flag. Short speeches enunciated the significance of a national flag in binding and inspiring the people of a nation. Talk shows articulated the history, symbolism and significance of the Tiranga for all Indians.

A spirit of Patriotism marked the assemblies. The students put forth their best in planning, organising and executing the assemblies.



13 August 2022
"Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity."

On 15 August 2022 India commemorates 75 glorious years of independence. The commemoration, also hailed as ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, celebrates not only 75 years of India’s independence, but also the glorious history of its people, culture and achievements.

The students and faculty of Delhi Public School, Dwarka presented a special  assembly to commemorate the 75th Independence Day of India. All students of classes VI to XII participated zestfully in the assembly. Every heart rejoiced with pride for being an Indian, all hearts sang out proudly ‘Vande Mataram.’

At the outset of the assembly the Tricolour, a symbol of India’s unity and strength,  was hoisted by the Principal of the school, Ms. Sunita Tanwar. This was followed by  the National Anthem sung by the school choir. A prayer in Hindi by Principal Ma’am  invoked the blessings of the divine for the nation and for the school. Patriotic poems,celebrating the glory of India, infused a sense of pride for the nation  in the audience. A Talk Show extolling the role of women in India’s freedom struggle  made one proud of the illustrious past of our nation. The assembly concluded with  due homage to a nation with a glorious past and a lustrous future. 

The assembly was seamlessly planned and effectively presented.



02 August 2022

"The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals"

Festivals are occasions to share light and laughter, music and mirth, gifts and gaiety. They are a time to bond with friends, family and our glorious heritage.

A bouquet of festivals adorns the month of August. In keeping with the festive spirit, the students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX put up assemblies on the topic ‘Festivals - A Time to Bond’ in their classrooms.  

The assemblies started with prayers, and were followed by a suitable ‘Thought For The Day’. News - National and International, was read out next. Poems were recited with gusto and fervour. The students shared their thoughts on how festivals strengthen ties between friends and families in short speeches. In informative talk shows the students discussed the interest youngsters took in celebrating festivals. They also highlighted that these celebrations bring them closer to one another and also instill in them a spirit of patriotism. 

The assemblies were well-organized, well-researched and interesting.



26 July 2022

‘Our true nationality is mankind.’

National spirit is the term for the collective thoughts and beliefs of an entire nation. It can also be simply defined as one’s love for their country and their people.

Assemblies applauding the ideals of loyalty to, and pride in our nation were presented in their classrooms by the students of classes VI, VII, VIII and IX. 

The assemblies started with prayers. Good thoughts make a happy person. ‘A Thought For The Day’ was shared in each assembly to motivate and inspire the students.News updates us on national and global issues, it helps develop an open and critical mind. News was read out next. Poems and short stories on the topic were shared. A talk show helps bring awareness to the subject in hand. The students shared their perspectives on ‘Nationalism’ in informative talk shows. 

 The scripts were creative and innovative, and the presentations effective.



19 July 2022

‘Peace is not man’s highest goal in life. It is his most fundamental requirement.’

Peace is indispensable as it allows us to live life with an open mind and heart. All good things are possible in a peaceful environment. Peace helps us to focus and see our path clearly, trusting any hurdle to be a benign challenge.

 The students of grades VI, VII, VIII and IX presented assemblies on the topic ‘Peace is always beautiful’ in their respective classrooms. 

A prayer sets a positive tone to the day and is the right way to commence any event. The assemblies started with prayers. ‘A Thought for the Day’ on the topic followed. The News was read out next, apprising the students of the national and global happenings. Poems on the topic were recited by the students. Short stories, illuminating Peace were narrated. The students expressed their perspectives on the topic in engrossing talk shows.  

The assemblies were creatively planned and meticulously executed.



12 July 2022

‘One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken.’

Assemblies highlighting the absolute necessity to conserve and nurture Nature were presented in their classrooms by the students of grades VI, VII, VIII and IX.

The assemblies started with an invocation to the Divine. This was followed by ‘A Thought for the Day’, which helped students perceive and grasp their responsibility towards the environment. Happenings - global and national- were shared next in the News. Poems on the topic were recited by the students. Short stories, delineating the bond shared by humans and Nature were narrated. The assemblies ended with talk shows focussing on the responsibility of mankind to work towards protecting species from extinction, enhancing ecosystems and protecting biological diversity. 

The events were well- planned, well-scripted and effectively presented.



04 July 2022

‘Laughing is, and will always be, the best form of therapy.’

Assemblies celebrating the irrefutable link between laughter and well-being were presented in their classrooms by the students of grades VI, VII, VIII and IX. Prayers to the Infinite set the ball rolling. A ‘Thought for the Day’ gave the students something to contemplate. News- global and national- was shared next. Poems on the topic were recited by the students. The students expressed their viewpoints on the topic in short speeches. Talk shows accentuated the benefits of laughter in life and marked the culmination of the assemblies.

The scripts were worked on and practiced to put up flawless assemblies. The participants learned to work together as a team to achieve a common goal.  



08 February 2022

'These are skills we can take wherever we go in life, no matter what we do.'

The students presented class assemblies on the assigned topic. The events were presented on the digital platform. Prayers for positivity and grace set the assemblies in motion. These were followed by suitable quotes on mind culture and right attitude. News to keep us updated with the latest developments around the nation and the world followed. Students individually presented their viewpoints on the importance of imbibing life skills in the curriculum and following the precepts in life. Through talk shows the participants discussed the significance of learning life skills, their import in growing up, adapting to circumstances and leading better fulfilled lives.

The assemblies were seamlessly planned and presented. The scripts were effective and terse. Befitting virtual backgrounds were used.



25 January 2022
'A Nation's culture resides in the hearts and the souls of its people.'

The spirit of national pride pervaded the assemblies organised on the virtual platform by the students of classes VI, VII and VIII.The students planned and presented assemblies to commemmorate India's 73rd Republic Day online.

Prayers are a potent force to draw to oneself grace. The assemblies began with prayers for the progress of our nation. News from around the world refreshed our global awareness. Poems and short stories on India donning a republic avtar intrigued and engrossed the audience. The highlight of the assemblies were the talk shows. Students complemented the same with power point presentations, enhancing the show. Videos, created to salute the glorious nation, riveted attention. The National song and National Anthem were played on musical intruments. The assembly came to an appropriate end with all students standing up as a mark of reverence as the National Anthem was played.

The planning and execution of the events brought to fore the creativity in students as well as their pride in being Indians. Every facet of the assemblies was planned with attention, sincerity, fervour and team work.



25 January 2022
'Freedom in the minds, strength in our words, pride in our souls, zeal in our hearts- proud to be Indians.'

The assembly organised on the virtual platform by the students of Class IX were suffused with the spirit of national pride and patriotism. The students planned and presented an assembly online to commemmorate India's 73rd Republic Day.

The assembly began with a prayer to strengthen our great nation. News from around the world added to our global awareness. Poems and short stories on India's journey to becoming a republic interested the audience. The talk show was informative. The assembly came to an appropriate end with all students standing up as a mark of reverence as the National Anthem was played.

The students exhibited creativity, team spirit and attention to detail in effactuating the assembly.



18 January 2022

New year is a time to reflect on the year that has passed and at the same time, it's an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew to make way for new affirmations and dream afresh. Class 9 students presented a morning assembly focusing about the same.

A morning prayer by the class teacher invoked the blessings of the Almighty. This was followed by a positive and a beautiful thought for the day presented by the children.

A talk show on the topic 'New year, new start' focused on the values of good practices and approach.We must be consistent in the things that we do for our mental, emotional and physical well-being. It should be a continuous approach to turn our aspirations into actions.

Year 2022 is the time for new beginnings and new milestones. It's time to show affection and share a smile with everyone.



11 January 2022
"The New Year stands before us like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written."       
Melody Beattie

New Year is that time of the year when one may seek the blessings of the Almighty while immersing in his galore.  Recognizing the value of the occasion, the students of Class IX presented their class assembly and welcomed the New Year.

The assembly began on a positive note with a prayer. Keeping the spirit of blessings and gratitude for new beginnings alive, the students shared the thought for the day. To keep everyone updated with the latest happenings around the globe, the students also shared the national and international news with the audience. It was followed by a talk show wherein the students talked about the Newsmakers of the previous year. From vaccines to Joe Biden being elected, Tokyo Olympics, new variants of Covid, the students shared some interesting information with the audience that was quite well resourced, and also informative for all the students. The speakers spoke with confidence and put up an amazing show.




"Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success." 

The students of classes VI, VII and VIII planned, organised and presented assemblies on the theme 'Character and Success' on the digital platform. The participants exhibited zeal and interest. They researched and executed the topic in detail. Prayers, related to the topic, provided an appropriate start to the events. The thought for the day gave the students some food for thought. Poems and short speeches on the topic made the students aware of the strong relationship between integrity and success. Talk shows delineated the idea with the help of abundant anecdotes from contemporary times. Impressive virtual backgrounds were used to enhance the overall impact.




“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” Buddha

The students of class IX presented a virtual assembly on the topic "Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy". The assembly commenced with a prayer by the class teacher, and was followed by the thought for the day. To keep everyone updated with the latest happenings around the globe, the students also shared the national and international news with the audience. A talk show encompassing the significance of eating healthy and staying fit was also presented. Students discussed the need to eat nutritious food and talked about eliminating the unhealthy food habits. Suitable virtual backgrounds added to the appeal of the presentation. Overall, it was an astounding experience for everyone.




Christmas is a joyous festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ observed on 25 th December each year. It is a festival where celebrations are in the form of heartfelt wishes , smiles and gifts.

The students of class IX conducted a morning assembly on the occasion of Christmas .The class teachers initiated the assembly with a special morning prayer. The students commenced the assembly with carols and instrumental music on the guitar and key board. The students shared the thought for the day to ignite the celebrations on a positive note.

Heart-warming poems ushering in the joy and spirit of Christmas were recited. A talk show on THE SIGNIFICANCE OF CHRISTMAS with interesting tales and parables was also presented. Spectacular virtual backgrounds, added to the feel of the festive season. The participation of the students was replete with enthusiasm and was praiseworthy.




Autumn – a season of transition and change, rich in colourful tones that bridges the joyful abundance of summer with the bleak, stark winter months. Autumn shows us how to embrace change in glorious splendour. Class Assemblies were planned on the topic 'Lessons we learn from Autumn' by students of Classes VI, VII and VIII. These were put up on the online platform. The assemblies incorporated prayers, news from around the world, poems and short stories celebrating Autumn, and talk shows delineating the lessons this colourful season holds out to all. Suitable virtual backgrounds were employed. The assemblies were aptly scripted, well planned and superbly presented




23 November 2021

The students of class IX organised a virtual assembly on the topic – ‘Sports and Discipline’ with great enthusiasm and zeal. The assembly started with the invocation of the almighty followed by  thought for the day related to the theme. National and international news were shared with the students to keep them updated about the events happening around the globe. A deliberation on Sports and Discipline was the highlight of the assembly. The students eloquently delineated the importance of sports in our lives and its contribution to our holistic growth. Suitable virtual backgrounds enhanced the performance and the assembly gave the audience a strong reminder and message on the undeniable need of incorporating sports in our daily lives.



The students of class IX conducted assemblies on the virtual platform on the theme – Interesting World Facts. The presentations began with an invocation of the almighty. The students shared the thought for the day to commence the day on a positive note. It was followed by nuggets of the happenings from around the world.

The students conducted a Talk show highlighting amazing and interesting facts about the world, ranging from mysteries to fun facts and the makings of the very fabric of the world that we live in today. Relevant backgrounds and PPTs enhanced the overall impact of the presentation.




16 November 2021

A virtual assembly was put up by the students of Classes VI, VII and VIII to Commemorate the birth anniversary of the first Sikh guru – Guru Nanak Dev. The students recited prayers based on the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev as a mark of respect to the great saint. Thought provoking quotes taken from the guru’s teachings encapsulated the Thought for the Day. Poems and short stories celebrating the various aspects of childhood, and the life of Guru Nanak set the tone for the day . A talk show on the tenets disseminated by Guru Nanak and their relevance in the contemporary times was the highlight of the day. The assembly was engaging and helped the audience understand the teachings of the great saint, inspiring them to adapt them in their own lives.




Children’s Day is celebrated across India to commemorate the birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru and is used as a vehicle to raise awareness on the rights, care and education of children. The students of classes VI – IX celebrated the day with special assemblies on digital platform. The celebrations were marked with enthusiasm and a spirit of joy. Invocation of the almighty through prayers set the momentum for the event. Meaningful thoughts and self-composed poems on the pleasures and wonders of childhood encapsulated the essence of the day. A deliberation and vivid backgrounds delineating the significance of this special day enhanced the presentation.




Diwali is a festival of new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. The students of classes VI to IX conducted morning assemblies to celebrate Diwali. The assemblies began with an invocation of the divine. The students shared positive and inspirational thoughts and poems to bring out the true spirit of this festival. A talk show highlighted the importance of the festival and showed us the glimpses of its celebrations across the country. The students also discussed the initiatives taken by the government to discourage the use of crackers.

With an impressive virtual background, the students ushered in the feel of the festive season which was further heightened by a series of class activities including Tray and diya decorations, Diwali hangings, Designing Eco-friendly wrapping sheets with diya motifs for packing Diwali gifts, Rangoli making, Edible diya craft, Footprint craft, Diwali e-greeting card designing, Table lantern making, etc. The participation of all was full of enthusiasm and left everyone in a festive and joyous mood.



26 October 2021

"Unity among the different races and the different religions of India is indispensable to the birth of national life."

Mahatma Gandhi


Rastriya Ekta Divas is celebrated on October 31 every year, on the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It is a befitting tribute to the statesman who played an integral role in the unification and integration of India.

National Unity Day was celebrated with earnestness and veracity by the students in class
assemblies organised on the digital platform. A prayer thanking the Divine for His grace set the ball rolling. News from near and far followed. The students evinced heartfelt regard for the Iron Man of India, and pledged to uphold and safeguard the solidarity of their nation through a plethora of engaging activities. Poems celebrating India's unity in diversity, speeches enlightening all on the life and accomplishments of Sardar Patel, talk shows showcasing the role of the young in preserving their nation's integration added light and warmth to the assemblies.

Suitable virtual backdrops were used to enhance the presentations. The assemblies drove home the message of national unity and patriotism.



26 October 2021

Barack Obama rightly said, “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem. It is happening here. It is happening now."

The students of class IX conducted the morning assembly on Tuesday, 26 October 2021 on the theme *Impact of Climate Change on Environment*. The assembly was conducted on virtual platform. An invocation of the almighty set the momentum for the presentation. A thought for the day, relevant to the theme, and national and international news highlights were given by the students. An informative and thought-provoking talk show was also conducted by the students wherein they discussed the adverse effects of climate change on the environment and how, as responsible global citizens, we could get the situation under control. Self-composed poems gave an insightful perspective in the matter of climate change. The assemblies brought the audience in a reflective mood and aligned them to the fight for saving our planet.




"The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.”

The students of classes VI to VIII organised assemblies on the digital stage to pay reverence to Mahatma Gandhi on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. He was the leader who chiselled India's path to freedom from British rule and led the country to a new horizon of dignity and independence.

The students put forth the life, work, principles and teachings of Gandhiji through inspirational prayers, speeches, poems, short stories and talk shows. Suitable virtual backgrounds were applied for the assemblies to enhance the presentation and leave a stronger impact on the audience. The assembly was a reminder of the legacy of this unparalleled leader and the lasting influence it has left on us as a nation.



21 September 2021

Topic- Time and Tide Wait for None

‘If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it’

The students of classes VI to VIII conducted assemblies on the topic ‘Time and Tide Wait for None’ on 21 September 2021. These presentations on the digital platform, sought to emphasize the value and significance of time in our lives. Suitable virtual backgrounds were used to accentuate the theme and the central idea of the assembly. A prayer to the Almighty at the beginning set the positive tone for the meeting. Thought provoking quotes reinforced the importance of this most powerful of all resources. The participants drove home a powerful message on the need to value and utilize time through their deliberations and talk shows. The self-composed poems on importance of valuing time stood as the highlight of the day.



14 September 2021

Hindi Diwas is observed on the 14th of September, to commemorate the adoption of Hindi as one of the official languages in different Hindi speaking states of India. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the importance of the Hindi language in the country.

The students of classes VI - VIII paid respect to the Hindi language, which is deeply rooted in our culture, in class assemblies held on the virtual platform. The emphasis of the assemblies was to remind all that we must value and respect our language and culture. The assemblies started with an invocation of the Divine. ‘Aaj ka Suvichaar’ was presented to inspire positive thoughts and to set the momentum for the day. Poems paying tribute to the grandeur and significance of Hindi in our culture were recited. The students also presented deliberations and talk shows which traced the history of the language, and highlighted that Hindi stands tall as the fourth most widely spoken language in the world after English, Spanish and Mandarin. Appropriate virtual backgrounds enhanced the overall appeal of the presentation. The assembly left the audience enriched with a deeper sense of respect and understanding of our mother tongue.



07 September 2021

Teacher’s Day is celebrated to mark the bond between teachers and students. This day is cherished in the hearts of students and teachers alike. The students await this day with great excitement, to express their love and gratitude for their teachers who receive this affection with great warmth and pride.

The students of Classes VI-IX presented assemblies on the digital platform to honour and appreciate the role played by their teachers in nurturing, nourishing and enriching their lives. A string of interesting events was put together for the same. The assemblies began with an invocation of the Divine, followed by a quote appreciating teachers as role models to elevate the mood of the day. The students presented self-composed poems dedicated to their teachers followed by short stories to capture the spirit of the occasion. The highlight of the day was some engaging and inspirational deliberations and talk shows delineating the journey and impact of teachers since time immemorial. The assemblies concluded with a heightened sense of appreciation in the students for their teachers.



With the world in the grip of the excitement and buzz of the Olympic Games, Class 9 students prepared and presented an assembly on the topic—LEGENDS OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES on the digital platform.

The students presented the history of Olympics and its modern adaptations in the form of a gripping assembly. They highlighted the universal importance of sports and Olympic games through quotes and inspirational nuggets. As a part of the Talk Shows each student picked up one legend of The Olympic Games and apprised us of their achievements and glorious moments. Short videos and motivational poems were presented to enhance the presentation and drive home the message of promoting positive values through sports and games. Appropriate digital backgrounds certainly contributed to enhancing the aesthetic appeal and engaging the attention of the audience. The assembly left everyone inspired and enriched with knowledge about Olympics and its legends.



17, August 2021

The students of classes VI to VIII celebrated the festival of Raksha Bandhan on virtual platform. The students enthusiastically put together a medley of events to capture the spirit of the festival. The cherished bond between siblings was celebrated through self-composed poems and insightful deliberations. The meaningful stories and soulful songs put up by the students were both entertaining and enlightening. Prayers and thought-provoking quotes helped everyone to reflect and connect with one’s deeper self. Suitable backdrops set the tone for the special assembly and brought out the underlying joy in the treasured relationship between siblings.


    Friday, 13 August 2021

To celebrate the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of India, a Special Assembly was conducted by the Ganges House students of Classes III-V.

The Assembly commenced with students reciting a mesmerizing Hindi Poem, highlighting the patriotic spirit instilled within each Indian.  This was followed by a Talk Show, which brought into light the sacrifices made by the unsung freedom fighters of our beloved country, in order to fulfil each Indian’s dream of a ‘Swatantra Bharat’.  With confidence, students spoke about the sacrifices made by Tatya Tope, Nana Saheb, Shaheed Udham Singh, Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and Khudiram Bose.  The contribution of our Nation’s courageous female warriors such as Annie Besant, Sarojini Naidu, Kasturba Gandhi and Usha Mehta amongst others was also acknowledged. 

The Assembly culminated as students took a pledge to live together with complete unity, harmony and brotherhood.  This was followed by the singing of the National Anthem. 
Great zest and patriotic fervour was displayed by one and all.    



Classes VI to IX

Special assemblies were conducted on digital platform by the students of classes VI to IX to mark the occasion of India’s 75th Independence Day. The assemblies were conducted in the respective classes by the students during the week leading up to 15 August 2021.

The event saw a celebration of the history of India, embedded in centuries that are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success. A series of events put up by the students, paid a befitting tribute to our country. Talk shows-delineating the freedom struggle and the progress of the nation therewith, poems marking the nation’s grandeur and national unity, songs-rich with patriotic fervour, instrumental music-celebrating the spirit of India, short skits-encasing the valour of the heroes of the freedom struggle, and dances performed with enthusiasm and zeal were stringed together to capture glimpses of the true glory of our nation. The assembly, profound in spirit and festive in nature, concluded with the National Anthem.

Through this virtual commemoration, we celebrated the history of our great nation and renewed our vow to uphold its ideals and strive relentlessly to glorify it.



Thursday, 21 June 2021

On 21st June 2021 “International Yoga Day” was celebrated with great reverence.

The students from class III to V participated in it with great enthusiasm. They were told about the Importance of Yoga in our day - to - day life. All the students were excited and energetic. The physical education teachers started the yoga with warm up exercises for various parts of the body like legs, neck, arms, shoulder, wrist etc. Anulom vilom, Pranayama, Vajrasana and Padmasana were some of the asanas demonstrated. Children were also explained proper breathing techniques. Chanting of Om was taught. Valuable guidance was given to the students and they were carefully explained the meaning of each asana and the importance of Yoga and physical exercises in their daily life.



Tuesday, 20 April 2021

An online ‘Earth Day’ assembly was conducted by Chenab House on Tuesday, 20 April 2021. The assembly highlighted issues such as Ozone layer depletion, Global Warming, rising sea levels and melting of Glaciers. The students shared some very easy steps to protect Mother Earth. The emphasis was laid on planting more trees, saving wild life, using non conventional energy resources and making citizens aware about the importance of saving environment.

In the end students took a pledge to make our planet a more sustainable and livable place.



Special assemblies were conducted on the digital platform by the students of class XI to celebrate Christmas and ring in the new year. The assemblies were conducted in the respective English classes on 30 December with zeal and zest.

The students enthusiastically put together a medley of events to heighten the spirit and essence of Christmas and also envision a productive new year. They put up thoughts for the day and prayers to set the momentum for the celebrations. They also put forth thought provoking deliberations on the year gone by and inspiring resolutions for the one yet to come. Self-composed festive poems brought forth joy, Christmas cheer and a hopeful promise for a brighter tomorrow. Both pre-recorded and live Christmas songs and instrumental music pieces played by the students enthralled and captivated everyone. The students also prepared and presented plays, PPTs and videos delineating the essence of Christmas and New Year and captured glimpses of its true glory.

We all were left rejuvenated and ready to take all opportunities and challenges that 2021 has to offer.





03rd Nov 20

Vocabulary build up

Students explained the meaning of few difficult words from newspaper and their usage.
A great learning experience for students as it gave them an exposure to speak in front of their classmates and helped them to build up their confidence.

10th Nov 20

Talent Show case

Children showcased their talents like poetry in Eng, Hindi, some played Guitar, Casio instruments.
This helped them to show their talent in other fields as well.

17th Nov 20

Quiz on Current affairs, Science and S. Studies

An interesting Quiz was conducted, students had a good time in answering the questions, they enjoyed and enthusiastically participated in it.

24th Nov 20

Talk show on measures taken by Delhi Govt. to combat pollution

Students shared valuable information with their classmates. They highlighted the ways suggested by Delhi Government to combat the increasing pollution level.
The assembly proved to be a great enriching experience for students.

08th Dec 20

Motivational stories

Students shared some inspirational stories that were very heart touching and motivational for them.

15th Dec 20

Interesting facts in Mathematics

Speakers shared some valuable and amazing  facts in Maths with their classmates.
Students created a power point presentation to depict the same.



Friday, 25 January 2020

The 71ST Republic Day of India was celebrated by the Primary Wing of DPS Dwarka on Friday, 25 January 2020 with immense enthusiasm and pride.  A special assembly was conducted by the students of Chenab and Ravi House to mark the occasion. 

The assembly started with the choir presenting a melodious patriotic song.  This was followed by an introductory skit, wherein the prime events of the Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi, were highlighted and described in detail.  Through an interesting rhythmic pattern of discussion, the meaning and significance of our Nation’s Constitution was put forward to the audience. 

During the assembly, our obligations towards the nation as responsible Indian citizens, were emphasized upon.  The true spirit of unity and brotherhood as well as an attitude of “Swachata Hi Seva” were few of the noteworthy duties the audience was reminded of.  This was followed by the recitation of a mesmerizing poem which imaginatively created the image of a ‘Perfect India’, the vivid dream of every Indian citizen. 

The assembly concluded with the choir singing the patriotic song, “Vande Mataram”, followed by everyone collaboratively singing the National Anthem.  



Friday, 20 December 2019

Soaking in the spirit of Christmas, the students of class1 celebrated the glorious advent of the son of God, Jesus Christ, with a Special Assembly on Friday, 20 December 2019.

The colourful bells, stars, steamers and brightly decorated Christmas tree adorned the school courtyard. The entire courtyard was filled with yuletide spirit as students sang Christmas carols, danced to melodious tunes and shared their thoughts on Christmas in their own special ways. The students came dressed in a combination of red and white, spreading the message of love, peace and harmony. Their happiness knew no bounds with the coming of Santa Claus and getting goodie packs.

The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children.



Monday, 11 November 2019

Classes Pre-School and Pre-Primary joyously took part in the auspicious ‘Prakash Utsav’ celebrations on Monday, 11 November 2019.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of class Pre-Primary to celebrate the birthday of ‘Guru Nanak Dev’. The tiny tots arrived dressed up shining and glittering in their traditional wear. Selected students played the role of ‘Panj Pyare’ and conducted a ‘Prabhat Pheri’ through the teachers’ facilitation. Students sang a melodious ‘Shabd’ and confidently shared their thoughts on the auspicious festival. Through interactive picture discussions, students were educated and sensitized about sharing a part of one’s earnings to feed the needy, which is the concept of ‘Langar’.

Students of class Pre-School brought handkerchiefs from home, and they were told about the significance of covering one’s head in a Gurudwara as a mark of respect for God. The day concluded as all students covered their heads and received ‘Kara Prasad’. 

The celebrations asserted the values, morals, principles and teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.



24 & 25 October 2019

The students of classes Pre-School and Pre-Primary celebrated Diwali on Thursday, 24 October 2019 with immense joy. 

Celebrations began with a special assembly conducted by Pre –Schoolers. The festival of lights came alive when the school wore a festive look with ‘diyas’ and lanterns adorning the stage. All students were dressed in colourful traditional clothes.  The choir presented the ‘Ganesh Vandana’ followed by ‘Laxmi Pujan’ by the Principal Ma’am. A Hindi poem summarizing the epic, ’Ramayana’ was recited by a student with great confidence. Collaboratively, children also spoke about the significance of celebrating the festivals ‘Diwali’, ‘Dhanteras’ and ‘Bhaidooj’. The assembly concluded with a mesmerizing dance performance by our budding dancers.Their happiness knew no bounds as they carried home sweets, diyas and idols of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The message of keeping our surroundings neat and clean this Diwali was given to children through group discussion. 

In class Pre-Primary, the importance of this joyous festival of lights was thoroughly discussed.  Students were educated about safety measures which must be taken while celebrating Diwali. Through dramatic role play activities, the ill-effects of bursting crackers to our environment were also emphasized.  Our young enthusiasts marched throughout the school on Friday, 25 October 2019, displaying attractive and colourful banners with slogans highlighting the idea of a ‘Clean, Green and Pollution free Diwali’. Through a drawing competition, students depicted their creative ideas of a ‘Green Diwali’. The day concluded with tiny tots singing festive songs in their respective classrooms.



‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative expression & Knowledge.’

Albert Einstein

A teacher is truly a great source of knowledge, prosperity and enlightenment.  What a teacher preaches leaves an everlasting impression in a child’s life.  The students of the Primary Wing solemnly celebrated Teachers’ Day with gusto and gaiety on Thursday, 05 September 2019.

In order to strengthen the belief in the shloka ‘xq# czZãk xq# fo”.kq% xq# nsZoks egs’oj,  our young artists of class II presented adorable handmade cards to their teachers. They expressed their gratitude and humility towards their ‘Gurus’ through this activity.  With great jubilation and pride, students of class I also made beautiful cards with their handprints, which signified the optimistic vision of a teacher, who shapes a dazzling tomorrow of every child.

To denote their love, respect and recognition of the hardwork put in by the teachers, creative enthusiasts of Pre-Primary coloured a picture of a classroom scene and wrote names of their respective class teachers on the worksheet.

The tiny tots of Pre-School articulated their affection and admiration for their teachers by confidently speaking a few lines on the topic, “My Teachers”. 

Students of Classes V-A and V-B collaboratively conducted an assembly to celebrate Teachers’ Day, proudly taking this opportunity to express their gratitude and reverence for their teachers. 



Thursday, 22 August 2019

The students of Class Pre-School celebrated ‘Janamashtami’ on Thursday,  22 August 2019 with great delight. A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity. The assembly began with an auspicious note, as ‘aarti’ was performed by respected Principal Ma’am and Headmistress ma’am.  A skit was presented by the students depicting the journey of Lord Krishna right from his birth till his victory over the defeat of the cruel emperor, ‘Kansa’.  The tiny tots came dressed in colourful traditional clothes and celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy. The euphonious songs for Lord Krishna filled the room with piety and joyousness. The traditional ritual of ‘Dahi-Handi’ was performed by Principal ma’am. The children were delighted to carry back home ‘mukuts’ and ‘matkis’ with butter and sweets mirthfully.

The teachers explained the importance of the occasion and sweets were shared in the classrooms. 




Tuesday, 13 August 2019

The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated by the Primary Wing of DPS Dwarka on Tuesday, 13 August 2019 with great enthusiasm and profound devotion to the motherland.  A special assembly was conducted by the students of Ganges and Jhelum House to mark the occasion. 

An array of items was presented on stage to mark the day of remembrance, owing our cherished freedom to the martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for our country.  Students also sang patriotic songs and recited an enthralling poem.  A thoughtful skit, based on the theme of ‘Swacchata’ was presented by the students.  The skit motivated students to not only serve the nation, but also contribute towards its progress.  Through the skit, it was depicted that our “Mother Earth” desired “freedom” from all sorts of pollutants, in order to become a better place to live in.  It was further emphasised that the three elements of nature namely ‘land’, ‘water’ and ‘air’  hoped to seek liberty from various contaminants, caused by human action.        

The students also presented a beautiful dance number encompassing a vibrant display of colours, festivity and nationalism.  Through the dance, students depicted the importance of keeping our earth clean and green, facilitating it to achieve complete ‘Independence’.    

The celebrations culminated with the singing of the National Anthem.   



Friday, 25 January 2019

Republic Day  is one of the most important national festival for India and its citizens. The school celebrated India’s 70th Republic Day with great éclat on Friday, 25 January 2019. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Jhelum House to mark the occasion.

The school auditorium reverberated with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm by the school choir song.

The students presented a talk show and brought the stage alive with their passion and love for the motherland through their speech. They also accentuated the role of youth as the wealth of the country and brought to the fore the duties of Indian citizens.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The celebration culminated with a poem by Late Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.



Friday, 02 November 2018

May the supreme light illumine your minds, enlighten your hearts and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Chenab House on Friday, 02 November 2018, to mark the festivals - Dussehra and Diwali.

A talk show, dance and poem recital formed the part of the Assembly. The students talked about the significance of the festivals and also about why and how they are celebrated across India. The students dramatized and depicted the celebration of Durga Puja and the five days long festival of Diwali beginning with Dhanteras and culminating at Bhai Dooj. A mesmerising diya dance performance showcased the spirit of Diwali .

The students also sensitized their peer group about the ill-effects of crackers through a poem recital and motivated them to have a green and safe diwali. The assembly brought forth that both the festivals epitomize the victory of good over evil.  



Friday, 31 August 2018

The Pre-Schoolers celebrated Janamasthmi on Friday, 31 August 2018 with great delight. A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity. The tiny tots came dressed in traditional clothes and celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy. The euphonies songs for Lord Krishna filled the auditorium with piety and joyousness. The children enthusiastically performed ‘Dahi-Handi’ and carried back home mukuts and matkis with butter and sweets mirthfully. The teachers explained the importance of the occasion.




Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A special assembly based on the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’ was conducted on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 by the tiny tots of class Pre-Primary to mark the celebrations of India’s Independence Day.

Children sang patriotic songs, which was followed by a foot-tapping dance. Students also shared their thoughts and came dressed in traditional clothes of various states.

All students participated in the joyous celebrations with great zest and patriotic fervour. 




The 72nd Independence day was celebrated with unprecedented patriotic fervour on Monday, 13 August 2018. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Ravi House to mark the occasion.

The school choir enthralled the audience with rendition of a patriotic song. A patriotic poem by poet Jai Shankar Prasad created the atmosphere of national pride.
The students presented a talk show recounting the valour of numerous freedom fighters. They also accentuated the role of youth as the wealth of the country and brought to the fore the duties of Indian citizens.

Towards the culmination of the assembly, tri-coloured balloons were released by the Principal and the students to mark the occasion.  




Monday, 04 September 2017

On Monday, 04 September 2017, a special assembly was conducted by the students of Jhelum House to celebrate Teacher’s Day.  

Through this assembly, the participating students displayed their gratitude and reverence to their ‘Gurus’ by thanking them for their unparalleled contribution to the lives of the students.  A talk show as well as an inspiring mime act was performed highlighting the impact a teacher makes on a student’s foundation and future. The assembly culminated with students reciting a heart-touching poem dedicated to teachers. 




Thursday, 10 August 2017

The 71st Independence Day was celebrated by the Primary Wing of DPS Dwarka on Thursday, 10 August 2017 with great enthusiasm and profound devotion to the motherland.  A special assembly was conducted by the students of Ganges House to mark the occasion. 

The school wore a festive look with tri-coloured balloons.  The assembly started with the release of tri-coloured balloons by the Principal and the Headmistress.  The students presented a beautiful dance number encompassing a vibrant display of colours, festivity and nationalism.  Students also sang patriotic songs and presented a wonderful skit.  The celebrations culminated with the singing of the National Anthem.   



Friday, 23 December 2016

Heap on the wood!-the wind is chill; But let it whistle as it will,
We'll keep our Christmas merry still.....

A special assembly  on Christmas was conducted by the students of Pre School on Friday, 23 December 2016.  The merrymaking and the festive mood enwrapped our little ones as they sang carols and shared their thoughts on Christmas in their own special ways. Keeping up with the gaiety and celebrations, the infant courtyard wore a festive look and was tastefully decorated. The students came dressed in Christmas colours,  spreading  the  message of  love, peace and harmony . Their happiness knew no bounds with the coming of Santa Claus and getting goodie packs, reaffirming  the fact that  the manner of giving is worth more than the gift......



Merriment and cheerfulness was felt all around as the students got into the spirit of festivity.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of Pre School on Friday, 28 October 2016 to celebrate ‘Deepotsav’- the festival of Diwali.

The celebration began with invoking the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi followed by a choral recital of a Bhajan and dances. Our young speakers astounded everyone with their confidence and clarity when they spoke about the importance of the festival. It was a beauteous moment seeing children dressed in traditional attire, singing and dancing.

A Diwali Party was also organised, where the highlight was the Diwali Mela. The Pre-School corridors and courtyard gleamed with craft work and beautiful floral rangoli made by students. Swings, Bouncy, Carousel..... left children buzzing with excitement.

Their happiness knew no boundaries as they carried back home sweets, diyas and idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, thereby feeling blessed and enlightened.



Friday, 07 October 2016

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of class II on Friday, 07 October 2016, to mark the festivals - Dussehra and Durga Puja.  A talk show, skit, dances and songs formed the part of the Assembly.  The students clad in colourful costumes of  different characters of Ramayana and depicted various  scenes. Pivotal episodes of Ramayana captured everyone's interest and aroused their curiosity to learn more about the epic. Historicalness of Durga Puja and Dussehra ignited young  minds that both the festivals epitomize the victory of good over evil.

The efforts of students were applauded by all as our confident and enthusiastic speakers grabbed everyone's attention with their presentation.



Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

The  much awaited festival – ‘Christmas’ was celebrated by our Pre Schoolers with a Special Assembly on Tuesday, 22 December 2015. The colourful  bells, stars, streamers  and  the brightly decorated Christmas Tree adorned the Pre-School courtyard. The whole courtyard echoed with the Christmas carols and holy hymns. Children looked delighted wearing the Santa Caps as well as carrying surprises in the form of gifts. Overriding every other emotion, a wave of cheer enveloped the school surroundings, spreading the message of faith, happiness and peace.....



Friday,  28 August 2015

Celebrate! Celebration is an expression of  Love and Gratitude....... The students of class IV E conducted a special assembly on the eve of  Rakshabandhan  on  Friday, 28 August 2015. The students presented a Talk Show, signifying the tender bond of love and  affection between a brother and a sister. The students narrated a story that depicted the historical importance of Rakshabandhan. It was a  beauteous moment with children propounding the traditional values attached with the festival.  The assembly culminated with a mellifluous choral recital by the students.



Independence Day is an occasion when every Indian renews his pledge of patriotism to work for the development and prosperity of the country. To mark the 69thIndependence Day, a special assembly was organized by Jhelum House on Friday, 14 August 2015. The students of classes III, IV & V staged a skit and put up a dance performance showcasing the love for the motherland. The melodious patriotic song by the choir further added the zest of patriotism.

Tri-colour balloons were released on the occasion by the Principal, Mrs. SunitaTanwar alongwith the students.     



Class : IV D
Friday, 17 July 2015

"Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation   is when you listen to God"

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of class IV D to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr with devoutness and love.  Students presented a Talk Show, highlighting the significance of fasting,  offering 'Zakat', and also the scrumptious array of food that is prepared during Eid.  They  also talked about  the  various traditional customs and rituals followed by the Muslim community during the celebration of this festival. The message given was that the holy festival of Eid propagates harmony, brotherhood  and is marked with celebrations galore



Friday, 23  January 2015


The Primary Wing of DPS Dwarka celebrated the 66th Republic Day with great zeal and patriotic fervour. A special assembly was presented by the students of Ravi House on Friday, 23 January 2015 to mark the occasion.

The assembly commenced with the prayer invoking peace and prosperity. Principal Mrs. Sunita Tanwar, greeted the children on the eve of Republic Day and motivated them to emulate the spirit of our constitution and be the harbingers of a social change to build a new, better and strong  India.  A soulful rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ by the choir filled the air with patriotism. The joyous occasion witnessed the threads that waft and weave to form the intricate fabric of our constitution which exalts the spirit of democracy amongst every Indian. Thereafter children presented a spectacular talk show which spread awareness about the important duties which each citizen must follow for the smooth functioning of the democracy. Pulsating with rhythm and harmony the stage came alive as students presented a fusion dance - Jai Ho! based on the theme of peace, progress and unity in diversity. Renewing the pledge to serve the motherland, the celebrations came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.