WATER CONSERVATION – A Social Initiative by DPS Dwarka

DPS Dwarka is an environment conscious school. Due care is taken to ensure sustainability and maintenance of natural resources.  Water conservation is accorded prime importance and various initiatives are taken up by us in this direction:

Painting Competitions

  1. Art Club of DPS Dwarka organized a Poster Making competition for the students of Class XI on the topic Water Preservation and Conservation.
  2. An Inter-house Poster & Slogan writing competition was organized for Class VII on Water Conservation.
  3. A colouring competition was organized for the students of Class Pre-Primary. A worksheet titled ‘Water is life’ was provided to the students which was coloured beautifully by them.
  4. A painting competition on the topic ‘Future without water’ was organized for the students of Class II.
  5. Students of Class III wrote colourful slogans on the ‘Need for conservation of water’.
  6. Poster making competition was organized by the Environment Club for Classes VI & VII on ‘Reduce & Reuse water resources’.

Project Work / Essay Competitions

  1. Students of Classes IX and X participated in a competition on Water Conservation.  They researched and prepared project reports on sources of water, the need to save water, watershed management and rainwater harvesting.
  2. Students of Class IX participated in a competition on Water Budgeting. They prepared project reports highlighting rainwater harvesting in residential and factory areas, filtration of sewage water and converting it into usable water.
  3. Social Service Initiative and Environment Club of the school collaborated in a research work on Reduce, Recycle and Reuse wherein the students of Class VIII researched and wrote Essays on the same.  Best essays were awarded.
  4. Essay Writing Competition on Water Conservation: Need of the Hour was organised for the students of Class V.
  5. Hindi Essay Writing Competition on ‘Jal ka Mahatva’ was organised for the students of Class IV.

Debate/Declamation / Recitation / Just-A-Minute Competitions
Inter-house ‘Just-a-minute competition on the topic ‘Slow the Flow’ was organized for the students of Class V.

  1. Inter-house Recitation Competition on WATER was organized for the students of Class VI.
  2. Hindi Speech competition on ‘Swachh Jal, Swachh Jeevan’ was organized for the students of Class VII.
  3. Hindi Declamation competition on ‘Jal Jeevan Ki Anivaryata’ was organized for the students of Class IX.
  4. Eco-Club of the school organized a Debate competition on ‘Privatisation of water supply will ease the problem of water scarcity’ for the students of Class X.
  5. English Debate competition on ‘Technology can help avert water crisis in India’ was organized for the students of Class XI.

Awareness Programmes
The Social Service Initiative Club of the school organized ‘Green School Drive’ for Class VI in November 2018 and for Class VIII in October 2018.  Plantation drive was organized to spread awareness about afforestation and water conservation.

    • Workshops / Sessions on Energy and Water Conservation are regularly by representatives from Tata Power Energy Club and other resource persons.
    • Hand washing day for various classes is another salient feature of the school.  Importance of hand washing and judicious use of water is emphasized by the teachers.
    • Special assemblies are conducted periodically by students of various classes on themes like water conservation, save earth etc.
    • A march was undertaken by the students of Class I to garner support from other students in their efforts to save water in school and at home.
    • Project on ‘Rainwater harvesting’ is prepared by the students of Class V as a part of their annual assessment.
    • Environment Club has implemented a plan to prevent water wastage in washrooms.  One litre reusable plastic bottles filled with water were placed in the cisterns.  By placing the bottle, less water is needed to fill the tank and hence less water is being flushed. This was ensured with the help of a plumber and maintenance staff.


Students & Staff of DPS Dwarka have contributed an amount of `9250/- towards National Foundation for Communal Harmony. This was an initiative taken up by the Social Initiatives Club of DPS Dwarka to celebrate Communal Harmony Campaign Week & Flag Day from 19–25 November 2018.