Friday, 25 January 2019

Republic Day  is one of the most important national festival for India and its citizens. The school celebrated India’s 70th Republic Day with great éclat on Friday, 25 January 2019. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Jhelum House to mark the occasion.

The school auditorium reverberated with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm by the school choir song.

The students presented a talk show and brought the stage alive with their passion and love for the motherland through their speech. They also accentuated the role of youth as the wealth of the country and brought to the fore the duties of Indian citizens.

The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The celebration culminated with a poem by Late Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee.



Friday, 02 November 2018

May the supreme light illumine your minds, enlighten your hearts and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of Chenab House on Friday, 02 November 2018, to mark the festivals - Dussehra and Diwali.

A talk show, dance and poem recital formed the part of the Assembly. The students talked about the significance of the festivals and also about why and how they are celebrated across India. The students dramatized and depicted the celebration of Durga Puja and the five days long festival of Diwali beginning with Dhanteras and culminating at Bhai Dooj. A mesmerising diya dance performance showcased the spirit of Diwali .

The students also sensitized their peer group about the ill-effects of crackers through a poem recital and motivated them to have a green and safe diwali. The assembly brought forth that both the festivals epitomize the victory of good over evil.  



Friday, 31 August 2018

The Pre-Schoolers celebrated Janamasthmi on Friday, 31 August 2018 with great delight. A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity. The tiny tots came dressed in traditional clothes and celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy. The euphonies songs for Lord Krishna filled the auditorium with piety and joyousness. The children enthusiastically performed ‘Dahi-Handi’ and carried back home mukuts and matkis with butter and sweets mirthfully. The teachers explained the importance of the occasion.




Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A special assembly based on the theme ‘Unity in Diversity’ was conducted on Tuesday, 14 August 2018 by the tiny tots of class Pre-Primary to mark the celebrations of India’s Independence Day.

Children sang patriotic songs, which was followed by a foot-tapping dance. Students also shared their thoughts and came dressed in traditional clothes of various states.

All students participated in the joyous celebrations with great zest and patriotic fervour. 




The 72nd Independence day was celebrated with unprecedented patriotic fervour on Monday, 13 August 2018. A special assembly was conducted by the students of Ravi House to mark the occasion.

The school choir enthralled the audience with rendition of a patriotic song. A patriotic poem by poet Jai Shankar Prasad created the atmosphere of national pride.
The students presented a talk show recounting the valour of numerous freedom fighters. They also accentuated the role of youth as the wealth of the country and brought to the fore the duties of Indian citizens.

Towards the culmination of the assembly, tri-coloured balloons were released by the Principal and the students to mark the occasion.  




Monday, 04 September 2017

On Monday, 04 September 2017, a special assembly was conducted by the students of Jhelum House to celebrate Teacher’s Day.  

Through this assembly, the participating students displayed their gratitude and reverence to their ‘Gurus’ by thanking them for their unparalleled contribution to the lives of the students.  A talk show as well as an inspiring mime act was performed highlighting the impact a teacher makes on a student’s foundation and future. The assembly culminated with students reciting a heart-touching poem dedicated to teachers. 




Thursday, 10 August 2017

The 71st Independence Day was celebrated by the Primary Wing of DPS Dwarka on Thursday, 10 August 2017 with great enthusiasm and profound devotion to the motherland.  A special assembly was conducted by the students of Ganges House to mark the occasion. 

The school wore a festive look with tri-coloured balloons.  The assembly started with the release of tri-coloured balloons by the Principal and the Headmistress.  The students presented a beautiful dance number encompassing a vibrant display of colours, festivity and nationalism.  Students also sang patriotic songs and presented a wonderful skit.  The celebrations culminated with the singing of the National Anthem.   



Friday, 23 December 2016

Heap on the wood!-the wind is chill; But let it whistle as it will,
We'll keep our Christmas merry still.....

A special assembly  on Christmas was conducted by the students of Pre School on Friday, 23 December 2016.  The merrymaking and the festive mood enwrapped our little ones as they sang carols and shared their thoughts on Christmas in their own special ways. Keeping up with the gaiety and celebrations, the infant courtyard wore a festive look and was tastefully decorated. The students came dressed in Christmas colours,  spreading  the  message of  love, peace and harmony . Their happiness knew no bounds with the coming of Santa Claus and getting goodie packs, reaffirming  the fact that  the manner of giving is worth more than the gift......



Merriment and cheerfulness was felt all around as the students got into the spirit of festivity.

A special assembly was conducted by the students of Pre School on Friday, 28 October 2016 to celebrate ‘Deepotsav’- the festival of Diwali.

The celebration began with invoking the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi followed by a choral recital of a Bhajan and dances. Our young speakers astounded everyone with their confidence and clarity when they spoke about the importance of the festival. It was a beauteous moment seeing children dressed in traditional attire, singing and dancing.

A Diwali Party was also organised, where the highlight was the Diwali Mela. The Pre-School corridors and courtyard gleamed with craft work and beautiful floral rangoli made by students. Swings, Bouncy, Carousel..... left children buzzing with excitement.

Their happiness knew no boundaries as they carried back home sweets, diyas and idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, thereby feeling blessed and enlightened.



Friday, 07 October 2016

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of class II on Friday, 07 October 2016, to mark the festivals - Dussehra and Durga Puja.  A talk show, skit, dances and songs formed the part of the Assembly.  The students clad in colourful costumes of  different characters of Ramayana and depicted various  scenes. Pivotal episodes of Ramayana captured everyone's interest and aroused their curiosity to learn more about the epic. Historicalness of Durga Puja and Dussehra ignited young  minds that both the festivals epitomize the victory of good over evil.

The efforts of students were applauded by all as our confident and enthusiastic speakers grabbed everyone's attention with their presentation.



Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

The  much awaited festival – ‘Christmas’ was celebrated by our Pre Schoolers with a Special Assembly on Tuesday, 22 December 2015. The colourful  bells, stars, streamers  and  the brightly decorated Christmas Tree adorned the Pre-School courtyard. The whole courtyard echoed with the Christmas carols and holy hymns. Children looked delighted wearing the Santa Caps as well as carrying surprises in the form of gifts. Overriding every other emotion, a wave of cheer enveloped the school surroundings, spreading the message of faith, happiness and peace.....



Friday,  28 August 2015

Celebrate! Celebration is an expression of  Love and Gratitude....... The students of class IV E conducted a special assembly on the eve of  Rakshabandhan  on  Friday, 28 August 2015. The students presented a Talk Show, signifying the tender bond of love and  affection between a brother and a sister. The students narrated a story that depicted the historical importance of Rakshabandhan. It was a  beauteous moment with children propounding the traditional values attached with the festival.  The assembly culminated with a mellifluous choral recital by the students.



Independence Day is an occasion when every Indian renews his pledge of patriotism to work for the development and prosperity of the country. To mark the 69thIndependence Day, a special assembly was organized by Jhelum House on Friday, 14 August 2015. The students of classes III, IV & V staged a skit and put up a dance performance showcasing the love for the motherland. The melodious patriotic song by the choir further added the zest of patriotism.

Tri-colour balloons were released on the occasion by the Principal, Mrs. SunitaTanwar alongwith the students.     



Class : IV D
Friday, 17 July 2015

"Prayer is when you talk to God, meditation   is when you listen to God"

A Special Assembly was conducted by the students of class IV D to celebrate Eid-Ul-Fitr with devoutness and love.  Students presented a Talk Show, highlighting the significance of fasting,  offering 'Zakat', and also the scrumptious array of food that is prepared during Eid.  They  also talked about  the  various traditional customs and rituals followed by the Muslim community during the celebration of this festival. The message given was that the holy festival of Eid propagates harmony, brotherhood  and is marked with celebrations galore



Friday, 23  January 2015


The Primary Wing of DPS Dwarka celebrated the 66th Republic Day with great zeal and patriotic fervour. A special assembly was presented by the students of Ravi House on Friday, 23 January 2015 to mark the occasion.

The assembly commenced with the prayer invoking peace and prosperity. Principal Mrs. Sunita Tanwar, greeted the children on the eve of Republic Day and motivated them to emulate the spirit of our constitution and be the harbingers of a social change to build a new, better and strong  India.  A soulful rendition of ‘Vande Mataram’ by the choir filled the air with patriotism. The joyous occasion witnessed the threads that waft and weave to form the intricate fabric of our constitution which exalts the spirit of democracy amongst every Indian. Thereafter children presented a spectacular talk show which spread awareness about the important duties which each citizen must follow for the smooth functioning of the democracy. Pulsating with rhythm and harmony the stage came alive as students presented a fusion dance - Jai Ho! based on the theme of peace, progress and unity in diversity. Renewing the pledge to serve the motherland, the celebrations came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.